Top vintage Cars

  1. 1962 Ferrari GTO-

The Ferrari 250

The Ferrari 250 GTO is a GT vehicle delivered by Ferrari from 1962 to 1964 for homologation into the FIA’s Group 3 Grand Touring Car classification.

The 250 GTO was intended to contend in Group 3 GT hustling, where its opponents would incorporate the Shelby Cobra, Jaguar E-Type and Aston Martin DP214.

Price:- $48.4 million

2.  Ferrari 335 S Spider

The Ferrari 335 S was a games dashing vehicle created by Italian producer Ferrari in 1957. The vehicle was an immediate reaction to the Maserati 450S which with its 4.5-liter motor was taking steps to overwhelm the 3.8-liter 315 S and 3.5-liter 290 MM.

Price:- $38.3 million.

3.Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale:-

Interest for the 1964 Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale (case number 06701) was so high a result of its outrageous extraordinariness, all around recorded provenance, and excellent condition. With its 3.3-liter dry-sump V-12 motor producing 320 hp, six Weber carburetors, and five-speed manual transaxle gearbox, the 275 GTB/C Speciale stays one of three Berlinetta Competizione vehicles created for hustling.

Price:- $26.4 million.

4. McLaren F1 LM

McLaren planned the standard F1 as an extreme street vehicle, as in it endeavors to be agreeable and usable in regular conditions regardless of being a powerful games vehicle. In any case, the LM version is a lower and stiffer, track-arranged vehicle, with a stripped down, uncovered inside, and strong aluminum bushings instead of the elastic bushings in the suspension framework and without the Ground Plane Shear Center framework on the standard F1.

The F1 LM additionally utilized a similar motor as the 1995 F1 GTR without the race-commanded restrictors. The motor has a pressure proportion of 11.0:1 and produces 680 PS (500 kW; 671 hp) at 7,800 rpm. It has a pinnacle force of 705 N⋅m (520 lbf⋅ft) at 4,500 rpm; the redline is at 8,500 rpm. The all out weight and strength of the vehicle gives it a load to control proportion of 0.29 hp/lb.

Price:- $19.8 million

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